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A poly herbal preparation to activate and vitalize liver and also to ensure fast clinical recovery. Cosliv vitalize liver structurally and functionally and enables it to function to its fullest capacity. Cosliv contains standardized extract of time tested and proven hepato-protective herbs.


  1. Lower levels of serum bilirubin, SGOT, SGPT, and alkaline phosphatase.
  2. Improves Liver functions.
  3. Protects liver against alcohol & drug induced hepato toxins.
  4. Stimulates appetite and digestion.


Heapatomaegaly, Jaundice, Acute & Chronic viral hepatitis, Alcohol induced liver disorders, General liver protective.


Syrup: 2 teaspoonful thrice daily or adults 1 teaspoonful thrice daily for Children.

Tablet: 2 tablets bid for adults, 1 tablet tid for children.


Jars of 60 tablets/ 200ml Pet Bottle

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